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Need plumbing repairs in NJ? sewer and drain problems? water main plumbing system acting up?  Our NJ plumber team is on call 24 hours a day!  We can have experienced plumbers in NJ at your home in minutes, not hours, with the experience to handle any size of work, heating or AC services or emergency plumbing repair you may need.

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Water Main, Sewer, Drain Repair, Sewer Replacement & Installation Contractors in NJ.

Our relationships with our customers set us apart from other plumbers.

A1 are trusted plumbing experts in NJ – Call us for any plumbing, heating and air conditioning issue, day or night, including for emergency 24 hour Plumbers for all Plumbing repair, water heater repair or main sewer repair replacement or installation.

NJ Plumber – All Plumbing service in New Jersey

When you need quality plumbing services we will be there to handle any plumbing, heating or air conditioning repair, installation or maintenance while helping you reduce your cost as much as possible.

We are also experienced working with plumbing for commercial properties in New Jersey.  Our expert technicians have worked with all types of businesses and commercial plumbing components including; retail stores, apartment complexes, office buildings, laundromats, factories, restaurants etc.

In addition to sewer lines and water lines, we install, repair, and replace storm drains, underground drainage pipes, manholes, drain pipes, underground utilities, boilers, HVAC and air condition systems.  We are a leader in excavation and underground plumbing repairs in New Jersey.


  • Sewer Service in NJ– Sewer lines can be damaged in a number of ways and there are a variety of ways to repair a sewer line. Its important to hire a plumber experienced with sewer line service issues in NJ to evaluate the problem and find the right sewer solution.
  • Sewer Repair NJ From sewer pipe excavation to trenchless sewer repair we have the training and experience to ensure your sewer repair is done well and at the best price.
  • Main sewer replacement NJ If the time has come to replace your sewer line we can ensure the sewer replacement is done properly and you will have no more sewer problems.
  • Trenchless sewer repair NJ Sometimes trenchless sewer repair is the cheapest and most effective solution for a damaged sewer line and sometimes easier than sewer excavation.
  • General sewer services NJ If you need any sewer services from sewer line installation, sewer pipe repair, sewer inspection or maintenance we an experience sewer contractor that can handle any sewer issue that comes up.

Water Main NJ

  • Main water line repairIf you have discovered that your water line pipes are leaking or you have low water pressure you may need water line repair.  we can do a quick inspection of your water line and recommend affordable repair options.
  • Main water line replacement NJ – We offer both water line excavation and trenchless methods of water line replacement, in either case we will leave your property in excellent condition and avoid all underground utilities.
  • Main water pipe replacement – We can quickly diagnose your  leaking water pipe and find its exact location for quick and affordable water pipe replacement in NJ.


When it comes to residential drain services in NJ, Sweet Plumber is a premier provider of drain services for homeowners, realtors, and property managers. We have been installing, servicing, and repairing underground drain systems throughout NJ for many years providing quality, efficiency and affordable service! Call us today for immediate service.


Whether it’s a leaking pipe, sewer camera inspection, a broken main water pipe or leaking underground pipe, you can count on Sweet Plumbers.  In NJ our plumbing clients consistently rely on us for professional, reliable, and fast plumbing service at a reasonable cost.  Call us for honest advice and excellent work from an experienced NJ plumber.

Heating & Boiler Services – Heating Repair Replacement NJ

Our Sweet Plumber technicians are highly trained and experienced in boiler and heating systems installation, repair, and inspection. We will do all we can to repair your boiler before recommending boiler replacement.

  • Emergency Heating Repair NJ Services in New Jersey.  Our service trucks are on call 24 hours a day in NJ and are fully equipped with the tools and parts necessary to get your boiler or other heating system back up and running.

Steam Boiler Service NJ 

Whether it is the repair of an existing steam boiler or the installation of a new one,  we provide quality affordable products and services that will keep your NJ home or business  comfortable.

– Water Boiler Service NJ

Water boilers are more complex than a more modern standard furnace, we have the specific boiler repair experience needed to service your water boiler system.

Oil boiler repair service NJ

If your home’s temperature isn’t as warm as it should be, if your boiler smells like rotten eggs or making a loud noise give us a call. Our professional technicians can advise you properly and save you both money and discomfort.

Gas boiler service NJ

Once our heating technician determines the problem with your boiler you will receive a flat rate quote for the boiler repairs and service. Our pricing is competitive and we can make sure your boiler gets back to work in no time.

Give us a call today at  201-399-2160 and we’ll happy to provide you FREE ESTIMATE right away.