Electric Hot Water Heater Repair Service

Sweet Plumber is the Bergen County, NJ expert in gas as well as electric hot water heater repair and replacement, so if you’re thinking about installing a new water heater, give us a call – we’ll be happy to help you decide which one is the best choice for your home.

Advantages of an electric water heater

Cost of operation isn’t the only factor when choosing a water heater, and some of the newer high efficiency electric water heaters (also called heat pump water heaters) can match or surpass the energy cost savings of a gas water heater.  Here are some of the other factors you may want to consider before making the decision on which type of water heater to install:

  • Installation location – building codes prohibit installation of gas water heaters under stairs or other fire exit routes where electric water heater installation is not prohibited.
  • Space requirements – gas water heaters require a minimum of 6” – 18” clearance on all sides for ventilation; an electric water heater can be installed in very small confined spaces inappropriate for a gas water heater.
  • Safety – gas water heaters can not only explode in rare cases, but also have the potential to backdraft. Backdrafting occurs when some or all of the exhaust from gas combustion, which contains carbon monoxide, is drawn back into the living space instead of exiting through the exhaust flue.  Electric water heaters do not have the potential for explosion and do not produce any exhaust.
  • No roof opening – gas water heaters require venting through the roof, which means another roof opening and the potential for roof leaks; electric water heaters do not require venting.
  • Longer life expectancy – electric water heaters generally have a longer service life, due to fewer parts and no direct heat on the bottom of the tank from a burner.
  • Lower cost – standard electric water heaters are always less expensive to purchase than gas models, though the newer high efficiency electric water heaters may exceed the cost of a standard gas water heater.
  • Lower installation costs – electric water heaters do not require venting or connection to a gas line, which can lower the cost of installation.
  • Use of a timer – the operating cost of a standard electric water heater can be reduced through the use of a timer, which turns off the heater during weekdays when no one is at home and at night. A timer can be set to turn on the heater in the early morning hours to provide hot water for bathing and then shut off the heater until shortly before everyone returns home at the end of the day, then shut off again shortly before everyone goes to bed for the night.
  • No pilot light to re-light as with some gas water heaters, though many newer models of gas water heaters have an electronic spark ignition which means…
  • No disadvantage during a power outage for an electric water heater – since many newer gas water heaters have electronic ignition, they will not continue to heat water during a power outage and no longer have this advantage over electric water heaters.

Is an electric hot water heater right for your home?

If you’re still uncertain which type of water heater is the best choice for you, give us a call.  We’re professionals in the repair and installation of all types of water heaters, including electric water heater repair, electric water heater replacement, and electric water heater installation and can help you make the decision on which type of water heater is the best fit for your needs.