Sewer Services NJ

A sewer backup is a major plumbing problem, and it can potentially get messy if the issue is severe enough. Your sewer can back up for any of a variety of reasons, including tree roots in the sewer line, foreign objects, or accumulated organic matter. The problem usually starts out small and imperceptible, but as additional material builds up the size of the clog, it can become more and more noticeable.

If you suspect that your sewer line might be clogged, give us a call at Sweet Plumber for professional sewer cleaning in NJ. A sewer backup requires the attention of an expert as soon as possible, before it gets any worse. In a worst-case scenario, sewage can begin to flow back upward into your plumbing fixtures, bringing foul smells and harmful bacteria with it.

How to Identify a Sewer Backup

If you need sewer repair to fix a backup on your Mendham Township property, you’ve probably been noticing these common signs recently:

  • More than one of your drains are backed up. If you’re only having problems with one particular sink or shower, it’s probably a routine drain clog. One of the major signs of a sewer backup is suddenly having problems with most or all of your household drains. If your toilets, shower drains, and sinks are all making unusual gurgling sounds and aren’t clearing properly, the problem might lie down in your sewer lines.
  • Flushing your toilet causes water to gurgle up into your shower or sink. If you have a sewer backup, water will have trouble escaping through the pipes into the sewer system. As a result, it will flow up into other plumbing fixtures instead.
  • There’s drainage at your sewer cleanout. The “sewer cleanout” is a black or white pipe with a threaded cap, located on your property. This provides access to the sewer lines for sewer repair and maintenance. If you open up the sewer cleanout to find water that’s sitting in it or actively flowing upward, your sewer is backed up.

How to Handle a Sewer Clog

If you have a sewer backup in Mendham County, the first thing you should do is to use your main shutoff valve to turn off your main water supply. This may be located in your basement, in your garage, or near your water heater. Next, you should call a professional for immediate sewer repairs, which are available as a 24/7 plumbing emergency service.

Professional sewer cleaning is usually a two-step process, using sophisticated and specialized cleaning equipment from suppliers like DrainBrain, Fiberscope, and Ridgid. First, they will make an attempt to clear out the clog using a special augur designed for use in sewer lines. If this fails on the first attempt, the cleaners will use a fiber optic camera system to examine the clog. These sophisticated cameras allow plumbers to look up close at the source of a clog, identifying whether the cause is a large foreign object, organic material buildup, tree root growth, or other potential problems.

After identifying the source of the clog, they’l make another, more informed attempt at clearing out the material to restore flow through your sewer lines.

If your sewer is backed up, don’t wait around to fix it.

The problem will only get worse. Instead, call us now at Sweet Plumber, at 1-800-8932. We provide fast, effective sewer cleaning in Mendham Township, with staff on call 24/7 for all your plumbing emergencies.