Water Heater Prices

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With the wide variety of water heater technologies and models available on the market, hot water heater prices and water heater installation price varies widely.  Sweet Plumber has professional experience in the installation of water heaters at all price points, and can help you find a water heater that matches both your needs and your budget.  Below you’ll find average water heater prices and installation costs in the northern New Jersey area.  Keep in mind that costs are dependent on a number of factors:

  • The type of water heater you plan to install
  • The number of years covered by the warranty
  • The materials needed to complete the installation
  • The location where the water heater will be installed
  • Whether existing hookups for gas and water lines and the existing vent can be used
  • Whether new or upgraded electrical service needs to be installed.
  • Required permits and inspection fees

All of these factors will determine the cost for a new water heater installation.  Keeping these factors in mind, the price ranges for different types of water heaters, installed, are as follows.

Electric water heater price

For a standard storage tank electric water heater, cost of the heater plus installation in NJ area will range:

  • 50 gallon electric water heater with 6 year warranty, with no major modifications to water line hookups or electric service, water heater in easily accessible location to
  •  75 gallon electric water with 12 year warranty, modifications required for water line hookups and electric service, water heater installation in area difficult to access, permits and inspections required.
  • The average installed electric water heater time is 2 Hours.

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Electric tankless water heater price

Electric tankless water heater prices are substantially higher than standard tank electric water heater prices, and because plumbing modifications are always necessary and electrical modifications are usually needed, the installation costs for electric tankless heaters are substantially higher as well.  A range of typical prices for installation of tankless electric water heaters in New Jersey area:

  •  for a lower BTU unit with lower GPM capacity, installed in close proximity to existing water lines.
  • for a high BTU, high GPM capacity, installed in new location requiring new water lines.

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Gas water heater price

Storage tank gas water heater prices are 1-1/2 to 2 times the cost of tank electric heaters, and higher yet for some of the new high-efficiency condensing gas heaters.  In addition, installation costs for tank gas water heaters is a bit higher than for electric water heaters due to the labor involved in connecting gas lines and proper vent installation.  In NJ area, these are typical gas water heater prices, including installation:

  • 50 gallon gas water heater with 5 – 6 year warranty, with no major modifications to water or gas lines, vent, and installed in an easily accessible location.
  • 75 gallon gas water heater with 12 year warranty, requiring modifications to water & gas lines and vent, installed in area with difficult access.

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Gas tankless water heater prices

Gas tankless water heater prices are the highest of all, with corresponding higher installation costs.  Typical tankless gas water heater prices, including installation, for the New Jersey area are as follows:

  • Tankless water for lower BTU, lower GPM models, installed in proximity to gas and water lines.
  • Tankless water high BTU condensing tankless gas models, installed in a new location.

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No matter what type of water heater you’re interested in installing, Sweet Plumbing will help you find the most economical and efficient unit to fit your needs.  Call today for a free written estimate for your new water heater and water heater installation.